Its hard coming back to the work week after a non-stop weekend, am I right?  This past weekend I went to the San Francisco Giants game on Friday night, rode a party bus on a Napa Valley wine tasting trip with great friends on Saturday and then got pulled into an impromptu half-marathon “just for fun” on Sunday.  Needless to say, I’m a little tired.

But one of my fashion-favorite highlights of the weekend was being interviewed by Katie Snyder of Dear Diary!  Katie and I talked about fashion (obvi…), blogging and I shared my Instagram-nerd secret.  Read the interview here and check out some of my latest Instagrams!



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2 Responses to Lately

  1. Katie Snyder says:

    Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! Love the photos and those shoes are FAB! So happy we got to chit chat! Thanks for everything! Lets stay in touch! xoxo

  2. Jimely Rosas says:

    Hi just wanted to say that i loved your blog & style girl! :)

    Following you in Twitter, fFacebook & Bloglovin!!! :) feel free to follow me back..! :)

    Twitter: @CurvyNPetite



    Peace & Love,
    Jimely Rosas.

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