Currently Crushing On… JCrew Fall 2013

JCrew‘s Fall 2013 collection was recently released and I have one thing to say about it–I’m in love.

Fall is by far my favorite season to dress for because of the thicker, more unique fabrics and materials and the various accessories that you can wear (gloves, scarves, hats).  Not to mention, San Francisco weather generally includes a morning or evening fog….even in July…so its pretty standard for me to have a jacket and a scarf in my bag.

Take a look at some of my favorite looks from JCrew’s Fall 2013 collection…can’t wait till its available in stores!

Loving this neutral color palette that ranges from white to grey to black with just a touch of brown on the gloves and clutch.  Its a simple touch that really warms up the whole grayscale look.

I really like the idea of a athletic-inspired top paired with classic heels.  It gives a really cool twist on the sporty look by adding a touch of polish.

Silver pink brocade fabric is definitely unexpected for fall but is a fun alternative to tweed for Fall!  Any these double ankle strap heels? Swoon.

Such a classic fall look–navy blue peacoat with an updated version on plaid pants, a wide checker pattern with neon orange!

I absolutely love JCrew’s schoolboy blazer and the maroon and pink color combo is definitely exciting…

The shape of this cap reminds me of an English horse riding helmet and when paired with brown tweed gives off a modern twist on classic English style.

I can’t wait to check out this skirt in store to really see the fabric.  Florals are generally seen in spring collections so its really interesting to see a floral print for fall.  What a wonderful way to incorporate pattern aside from fall’s trusty plaid!

Oh yes, our favorite borrowed-from-the-boys look–the tuxedo!  Lets add a fun twist on it for fall with a art-deco print in a deep purple hue.  Not to menton, these cap toe mary jane heels are perfection.  I can’t wait until I can get these on my feet…

Normally I shy away from pink and black together because it can definitely start too look a little 80s really quickly.  But this pink hue is softer and looks tres chic instead of neon-80s.

I’m excited to see a look of orange and black together.  For too long this color combination has been associated with halloween but I think its time to embrace it as a fall staple.  And are those glitter heels I see?  Again, swoon.  And give me that necklace. Kthanxbai.

Once again, a sporty yet polished look with an embellished baseball cap and tailored drawstring pants.  And the tangerine hue?  Again, unexpected for fall but I’m really excited about it!

Prints gone wild.

A wonderful mix of textures with brocade, tweed and a big chunky knit.

New favorite color combination? Purple, maroon, and navy.

Floral, cheetah print, and neutrals.  Genius!

Like the previous pink and black look, this yellow and black outfit is the perfect shade of muted neon yellow to ensure you don’t look like you’re stepping out of the 80s.

Bold stripes, bold heels, bold lip. Bold impact.

One more time please!  Polished-sporty for the win!

Love this rich brocade fabric.  Cobalt blue and rusty metallic copper were meant to be together.

Its not often that you see super-matchy outfits these days with the emergence of street-style and the effortlessly-thrown-together look, but its refreshing to see a geometric pattern  pair on a shift dress and gloves.

I personally prefer outerwear that doesn’t fall into the category of basic black because it stands out from the crowd.

I need this top and pants combo for work.  Its a very modern take on a suit and this light heather grey is just lovely.

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