The start of something new–The Glam Girls Collective


I’m so excited to share this with you guys–I have some exciting new things in the works and I’m happy to finally make my first post on this!  I’m starting up a corner of my blog called the Glam Girls Collective to celebrate all of the amazing women in the world and share interviews and profiles of women I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person or in various forums online (especially all of the women I’ve met on Instagram–love you guys!).  I’m hoping the space continues to evolve over time but those are my thoughts for now!

About a year ago I renamed my blog-related Instagram account to @jenniferhenrynovich and have been holding unto my old handle @justaddglam wondering if I would ever want to do anything else with it–and that time is now!  I’ve already started building up that account as an extension of the Glam Girls Collective as a platform to showcase all of YOU amazing women that inspire us all everyday.

I have my first interview drafted and ready to publish and I can’t wait to kick off this inspiring element for Just Add Glam!  I hope you love this new avenue as much as I do and of course want to hear your thoughts along the way!  Have someone you’d like to recommend or nominate to feature? Let me know!  Want to share your story? Let me know and let’s talk about it!

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  1. Colleen Reis wrote:

    Hi Jennifer, it’s so refreshing to connect to someone who would do such a wonderful thing for ordinary women doing and achieving extraordinary things. Sometimes we…in the beauty world are often forgotton or not given credit where it’s due..I think that manifests sometimes because we are often behind the images and lives we change…sometimes we are the image…in the beauty world..we can be swallowed up. I love your concept and I appreciate every effort that you are undertaking in this venture. Thank you and Im looking foward to participating in any way

    Posted 12.3.17 Reply
  2. Phyllis A Huebbe wrote:

    It’s so hard to make the right decisions when your choosing beauty products. It’s nice to get reviews on some of them.

    Posted 5.18.18 Reply