We love taking weekend trips as a little family–up the coast, down the coast, anywhere really!  And since my little baby Lola loves to come along, we are always packing her up along for the ride too since she’s part of the family.  Traveling with your dog or pet has its challenges but packing and preparing in advance doesn’t have to be one of them.  With numerous weekend trips with the pup under my belt, I have my packing list down so that I don’t forget anything.  Keep reading below for my pet packing tips for a weekend getaway!


After forgetting during our first few trips, I always pack Lola’s ‘essentials’ first thing so that I don’t forget them.  For Lola that includes her leash (I’ve left so many times without it!), pet waste bags, food, and any medications.  Lola uses Pet Armor Plus for her flea and tick prevention and I make sure to bring it along if our trip falls during her monthly application.  We stock up on this during our Walmart trips (its sold for an amazing price there) and I’ve found its one of the few things that keeps ticks off Lola and doesn’t make her itch.  And if we are traveling and it doesn’t fall during her Pet Armor cycle? We will bring an application along just in case we are hiking or spending time in a rural area where she can need instant topical relief.  If you’re looking to switch your pet’s flea and tick medication–we’ve been loving using this one!  As with any medication, be sure to follow all directions on application, pet weight guidelines, and contact your vet as necessary.

Lola’s diet varies between a mix of grain-free dry food and fresh food so we make sure to pack enough for the trip to avoid any unexpected trips to the store to try to find her exact food.  I’ll also pack food and water bowls (I use containers with lids to avoid spills) so that it feels just like home wherever we are.


Just like a long car trip can be uncomfortable for us humans, it can be equally uncomfortable for our pets.  We pack the majority of our luggage and stuff in the back or truck area and keep the backseat free to be Lola’s space to roam around.  We will put down a favorite blanket (which doubles as a bed at our hotel or Airbnb) and tuck it into the seats so she has a cozy spot to sit and look out the window or lay down and curl up.

Don’t forget to bring some treats for the car and a favorite toy to keep them busy!


Depending on where you’re heading, you’ll need to pack accordingly for the weather and activities.  For this trip we were heading to wine country where we would be out and about in the sun during the day so portable water and a collapsable bowl were a must!  When we’ve taken trips to a beach or lake location, we make sure to bring extra beach towels to dry Lola off, her lifejacket (if we are going on a boat), and floating water toys.  For a snowy location, we bring a jacket for her to make sure she doesn’t catch a chill in sub-freezing temperatures.

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  1. Beautiful photos! 🙂

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    Wonderful tips along side of beautiful pictures!

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