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juicy couture fragrance

It’s funny how our minds and memories work–especially with our senses.  There are specific songs that can take me back to a specific point in time, with specific people and the same can be said for scent.  Smelling a scent from the past–perhaps someone’s cologne or perfume–can make you feel like you’re with that person.

juicy couture fragrance

I used to wear a Juicy Couture fragrance back in high school and when I found out about this limited edition Viva La Juicy Gold Couture eau de parfum, I knew the scent would take me back.  This scent personally reminds me of homecomings, driving tests, and preparing for college applications.  This fragrance is a decadent rendition of Viva La Juicy (my high school scent) that indulges my senses with wild berries, honeysuckle, golden amber, caramel, and vanilla!

juicy couture fragrance
This limited edition fragrance is a nice update on the classic and I love the polka dot bow detail–matches one of my favorite sweaters perfectly!  My high school reunion is coming up soon, I think I know which fragrance I’ll be wearing to the event!

juicy couture fragrance

Do you have special scents that remind you of a certain time or place?  What do you look for in your personal scent?


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