what’s in my beach bag

what's in my beach bagEver since summer started, I’ve been spending a lot of time at the beach and at the pool.  It’s really nice to enjoy the warmer summer weather (especially when I’m normally enjoying San Francisco’s notorious fog) so I get myself to the water as much as possible.  Whenever I go, it’s an all day affair so I’m sure to pack accordingly so that I have everything I need for a fun day in the sun.  Check out what I bring along in my beach bag below!
what's in my beach bagwhat's in my beach bagwhat's in my beach bagwhat's in my beach bagwhat's in my beach bag

  1. Metallic Tote from Gap – I got this tote years ago and I actually love how its slowly gotten weathered from countless trips to the beach, being used as an airplane carry-on–even carrying around groceries!  I like that this tote can be stuffed to the brim and it stays strong.  Not to mention, the bronze color is perfect for the beach!
  2. Timex Weekender watch – This sporty watch is super playful and a beach day gives me a chance to wear something more fun and colorful!
  3. Beaded bracelets from Brazil – I picked up these dainty beaded bracelets on Copacabana beach in Brazil while walking to see a game with my girlfriends.  We all got matching bracelets to commemorate our trip and they are so perfectly stackable!
  4. Tens sunglasses – Nothing beats watching a beach sunset, unless its watching it through Tens sunglasses.  I recently discovered Tens and they are the modern day “rose colored glasses”, everything looks like its been put through the best Instagram filter.
  5. HP Intel hybrid with Beats by Dre – I know it sounds kind of strange to have a laptop in your beach bag, but hear me out!  When I’m traveling, I’m not looking to bring tons of devices along with me.  I love bringing my hybrid along because it is equipped with Beats by Dre sound so that I can rock the beach party with great sound quality and also use it as a tablet to read books on the beach.  And of course, I’m obsessed with its bright red hue–so unique!
  6. Samsung NX300 – Being a blogger I’m always carrying around my camera, but when I’m out and about I like using a smaller yet still powerful camera to capture the moment.  This little guy also lets me transfer photos wirelessly to my phone for awesome Instagram photos on the go.
  7. PilyQ bikini from The Orchid Boutique – New favorite style of swimwear–the rashguard trend!  I showed off these amazing set in my last post and am hosting a giveaway for a $100 giftcard to The Orchid Boutique to get your own amazing swimwear–enter here!
  8. #GIRLBOSS – I was given this book before I started traveling and its such a great read.  Its really inspiring to read from the voice of Nasty Gal’s CEO Sophia Amoruso to hear her story of doing what you love and achieving greatness at the same time.
  9. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm – Obviously.
  10. MAC Skinshimmer – This shimmery body lotion is a great way to fake a tan without being as permanent as sunless tanner.  I mix it equal parts with my sunscreen for a bronzed look while protecting my skin.
  11. Clarins Sunscreen Care Oil Spray – Its important not to forget keeping your head sunsafe, so a few spritzes of this on my hairline protects my scalp and my hair
  12. Fekkai Marine Summer Hair – Another fabulous hair protectant in a delicious coconut scent!
  13. Kerastase Elixir Ultime – And my third favorite hair protectant.  Its good to switch things up.
  14. L’Oreal Solar Expertise Sunscreen – Because being safe in the sun is always in style…and it smells fantastic.
  15. Havaianas – So simple and classic beach footwear.  Plus, how cute are the little Brazilian flags?

What are your beach bag essentials for summer?  Don’t forget the sunscreen!


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