happy birthday

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mohawk updomohawk updoplaid shirt dressmohawk updomohawk updo mohawk updoDress: BB Dakota // Tights: Donna Karan // Heels: Manolo Blahnik // Bag: Saint Laurent // Earrings: Banana Republic // Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana

Guys, I can’t believe it.  It’s been three years since I decided–on my birthday–that I wanted to start Just Add Glam.  It’s crazy how time flies and going from your first post, not knowing what you’re doing, things can quickly transform three years later into something bigger than you ever anticipated.  I love that Just Add Glam has continued to let me express my creative side with whatever is inspiring me each day, and I’m so lucky to have YOU following along!  I’m grateful for all of the great friendships I’ve made along the way through blogging–it really is a community which makes it so so fun and I’m happy to have met a lot of wonderful people through it.

Another year older–myself and Just Add Glam–and it’s safe to say the fun has only just begun!  Can’t wait to see what comes next…

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tailgate style

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NFL apparel 49ers rag & bone boots NFL apparel 49ers NFL apparel 49ersNFL apparel 49ersTop: NFL Apparel // Sweater: Forever 21 // Pants: Zara, similar from Nordstrom // Boots: Rag & Bone // Bag: Saint Laurent // Hat: Forever 21

It has definitely been San Francisco Giants fever with the World Series in full swing but that doesn’t mean fall football season has been forgotten.  Some of my friends set up outdoor viewing parties for the games (yes, intense fans for sure!) so I make sure to layer up on my tailgate look to keep warm and cozy when the sun goes down.  If you’ve ever traveled to San Francisco–you know that layering is critical!

I’ve put together my second NFL Hall of Fashion look for the 49ers and I decided to layer this short sleeved sweater over my long sleeved 49ers shirt for a nice balance of warmth while still supporting my team.  If you missed it, here’s a look back at my first 49ers outfit.

You can follow along all season across social media by checking out @NFLFanStyle and join in on the conversation and share your look too with #NFLFanStyle to be featured on the NFL page!


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what i’m loving lately

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Sharing with you what I’m loving lately…check it out!

When I’m on the go, I’m the girl with her headphones on and playlist bumping!  Life is more fun with a good soundtrack and I recently upgraded my standard-issued earbuds for these Master & Dynamic MH40 chestnut leather headphones.  I LOVE the retro look of them (fashion critical amidst a sea of typical black headphones) and the sound is top-notch.  I am a big fan of resounding bass in my music and I love that these Master & Dynamics sound just as good listening to Nicki Minaj’s Bang Bang as it does listening to my secret favorite–jazz!  Look for me on the streets of San Francisco bobbing my head in these beauties.

Sigma Beauty

Beauty blogger Lauralai recently recommended Sigma Beauty brushes to me and I was eager to take them for a spin.  I have been looking to switch out the brushes I was previously using and she couldn’t say enough great things about Sigma Beauty.  I specifically love the 3D HD Kabuki brush for my foundation because its almost like a beauty blender sponge and Kabuki brush combined into one.  It’s great for blending foundation quickly when I don’t have much time in the morning–when it’s critical to get a smooth-skin finish in a matter of moments.  Maybe I’ll put together another post and go through all of the brushes I tried and how I put together my fall makeup look?

purple orchid

A pretty pink orchid from my dear friend Nicole, such a nice accent on my hallway table.

Deux Lux

I’ve been craving the backpack look when I’m toting my laptop around and this one from Deux Lux has been on my shoulders lately.  I love the woven texture and gold accents, it goes with everything!


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black and brown

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goorin bros striped shirt dress goorin brosstriped shirt dress Dress: H&M // Hat: Goorin Bros // Jacket: H&M // Heels: JCrew
One of my favorite fall color combinations is black and brown–or in this case ginger?  ‘You can’t wear black with brown’ has been one of those fashion rules created ages ago by who know’s who and I feel like its time to throw out the rule (along with not wearing white after Labor Day!).  This pumpkin-spiced hue is a nice way to brighten up some black for October–not to mention that this H&M dress and Goorin Bros hat combo could double as a fashionable Freddy Krueger Halloween costume!

If you’re in Northern California, join me next Thursday, October 23 at 12 pm at the new H&M store opening in Stockton, California.  It’s going to be a lot of fun to check out the new store, fall fashion, and… I have a little twitter / instagram contest for you!  The first five customers in line to tweet / instagram a selfie at me (@justaddglam) and H&M (@hm) with #HMlovesStockton will win a free head-to-toe outfit and style consultation by yours truly!  Come join me to check out the store on opening day and get 20% off your entire purchase by saying “H&M loves Stockton” from Thursday through Sunday October 26.  Can’t wait to see you there!

H&M Stockton

Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 12 pm

H&M Stockton

4950 Pacific Ave, Stockton CA


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pumpkin patch

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sperrysperry sperrysperrysperrysperrysperrysperrysperrysperrysperry sperry sperryOn Jennifer – Sweater: Banana Republic // Skirt: Banana Republic // Booties: Sperry Top-Sider // Scarf: JCrew // Sunglasses: Sperry Top-Sider c/o

On Andrew – Shirt: Banana Republic // Pants: Banana Republic // Shoes: Sperry Top-Sider // Watch: Michael Kors // Sunglasses: Sperry Top-Sider c/o

Family time is my favorite time, especially when celebrating all things fall!  October has always been a festive month for my family so it’s tradition for my brother and I to go to the pumpkin patch together.  This past weekend we headed out to the pumpkin patch in our fall Sperry Top-Sider boots, boat shoes, and sunglasses for our annual tradition and it was perfect.  Crisp fall air, beautifully crafted shoes, and too many pumpkins to choose from!  And I swear, Andrew rocks a pair of sunglasses like none other–always looks too cool for school.  Cheers to family and fall traditions!

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