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Makeup brushes are make or break for me to create a flawless makeup look.  In the era of thousands and thousands (even… millions?) of hours of YouTube beauty tutorials, there have never been more amazing tools out there to help us achieve our favorite looks from the ‘Tube stars.

I love watching YouTube beauty tutorials (guilty pleasure when trying to fall asleep at night!) and stumbled upon this video by the Pixiwoo girls–I knew I wanted to try out the brush that her foundation look fabulous at 2:57.

real techniques bold metals

I stumbled upon the Bold Metals collection by accident during a Walmart trip–San Francisco has been in a MAJOR heatwave lately; thankfully Walmart was the only retailer to have fans in stock because the entire bay area is SOLD OUT??  Honestly–I was surprised to find these brushes at Walmart because they are a higher-end beauty tool!  I decided to bring home the entire collection because they were just so pretty–I’m a sucker for anything rose gold.

real techniques bold metalsreal techniques bold metals

I tried the set out the next day before meeting my friends for brunch–risky move trying new brushes before having to look good–but I loved them!  With less expensive brushes I’m concerned that the bristles would be really rough and harsh on my skin but these were so soft and luxe.  My favorites of the bunch are the 301 flat contour brush because it’s unlike anything I own and sculpts out some major cheekbones, and the 201 pointed crease brush because it gets right in your eyelid crease to smoke out your eyeshadow so well.

real techniques bold metals

Overall I’m so excited that these Bold Metals brushes are becoming part of my beauty toolset, I really love the quality for the price.  I would recommend these brushes if you’re looking to switch up your brushes or add a new type of brush to your collection.

Sharing is caring, right?  I’m hooking you guys up with a chance to win one of two $100 gift cards towards your own Bold Metals brushes so you can contour and blend blend blend too!  Enter via the widget below to get in on the action…good luck!


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$100 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway
ASSET1 Post sponsored by Lunchbox.  Opinions are 100% my own because these brushes created that contour…um, yes!

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life lately

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Sharing some random bits of life lately!

I’m still dreaming about our Mexico trip–I miss the crystal blue water so much!  I set up Blacklane car service to and from the airport to make our trip a touch more special.  I am a total planner when it comes to having everything scheduled when traveling so it was great to book it ahead of time and then have a car waiting for you when you sleepwalk out of U.S. customs!

girls who drywall Never in my life did I think I would be learning how to do drywall…but I guess it’s time to add it to my resume!  I’m doing a bit of a remodel on the laundry room to make it a bit bigger.  Thanks for teaching me, Dad!

ikea hackOn the subject of home makeovers, I’m slowly getting unpacked–It’s taking forever!  I needed some organization for my office and I found this IKEA hack.  I love the way this silver painted bookcase turned out.  It’s not bulky, painting it was super easy, and big wicker bins hide all my stuff.  So happy with the way this turned out!

Dillon Beach

We went to Dillon Beach last weekend to celebrate my brother’s birthday!  I love the bright colored houses that overlook the beach.  I’m adding renting one of these to my to-do list.  It would be a really fun staycation trip with friends.

it's it

We’ve been in a major heatwave the past couple weeks, nothing like some old-school ice cream to keep cpp;.  Rice-a-Roni isn’t the San Francisco treat, it’s actually IT’S IT!  When is it going to be #nationalicecreamsandwich day?!


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70s waves hair tutorial

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70s fashion is coming this fall and I’m kind of excited about it!  I’m slowly seeing myself gravitate towards browns, orange, and gold so I’m ready to slip a bit of this era into my wardrobe.  In addition to clothing, I’m really feeling the big wavy curls that go along with this decades’ style.  I’ve put together a hair tutorial on how to get that volume-ized curl look that’s perfect for this fall!  Let’s go!

70s waves hair tutorial I started with prepped, dry hair.  I washed and conditioned my hair and put on a generous helping of Suave Pro Curls Mousse (picked up from Kroger) to give my hair a base to hold my curls and give an extra oomph of volume–it’s the backbone of my 70s style!  One my mousse was on, I let my hair air dry while I applied my makeup for the day and got dressed.  You could also rough dry with a hairdryer if you’re pressed for time.

70s waves hair tutorial

I section off my hair with hair elastics and start with the bottom layer for my curls.

70s waves hair tutorial

My holy grail of curling rods–The Sultra Bombshell curling rod!  This rod heats up really fast and holds the curl for DAYS.  Make sure you’re stocked up on dry shampoo because you’ll be wearing this style for a couple days!

70s waves hair tutorial

I grab a 1 inch section of hair at a time, grab the ends together, and wrap it around the curling wand.  Make sure that you’re not flattening the section of hair when its being wrapped, but let it naturally twist into a rope.  This allows for the ‘imperfect’ curls that have more volume and give a messy wave look.

70s waves hair tutorial

Once the bottom layer is complete, section out another layer and continue to curl, curl, curl!  Continue with all layers until your hair is completely curled.

70s waves hair tutorial

Once all pieces are curled, I run my fingers through my hair to softly brush it out, amp up the volume, and mess it around a bit.  For this look, the messier–the better!

70s waves hair tutorialAnd there you have it–soft 70s inspired curls for a gorgeous full-volume look.  Are you excited for the 70s inspired styles to pop up this fall?  What hairstyles are your go-to for fall fashion?

If you want to recreate this look, head over to Kroger for deals on hair products to get major volume for your tresses!  $2 off any 2 Suave Professionals, $3 off any 2 Dove products, $2 off any 1 Dove Styling or Treatment product, and $1.50 off any Tresemme Styling product.  Love a good deal!


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Kroger_StyleMadeSimple_Asset_1_V2 (1)

Sponsored by Lunchbox, all opinions are my own because I’m excited to wear my 70s hair with my 70s flares!

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the afternoon picnic party dress

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just add glamvalentino pursenexxus shampoosan francisco skylineDress: Walter Baker // Trench: SheIn // Boots: Rag & Bone // Bag: Valentino // Sunglasses: Mr Life Italia

What a gorgeous day in San Francisco!  I’m heading to a friend’s picnic party today and am looooving the weather for an outdoorsy day.  Since this party is a special occasion I wanted to pull out a dress with a little extra oomph.  I’m loving the open back to make it a bit more special but still keeping the overall look casual enough for the park with booties.  And because the fog could roll in at anytime, a lightweight peach trench coat on top is perfect just in case it turns into a cooler evening.

With an open back I wanted my hair to be on point to up the dress-to-impress factor so I switched up my typical messy waves hair for a more romantic soft curls look.  I prepped my hair with Nexxus Oil Infinite shampoo and conditioner since my hair has been taking a beating lately against hair elastics (lots of ponytails and messy buns from moving!).  I’ve really been enjoying using oil products lately (this duo contains Babassu, Marula, Buriti and Macadamia oils!) to give my hair extra shine while nourishing and smoothing my hair.

So excited for a fun day with friends in the park!  What are you guys up to this gorgeous weekend?

Be sure to stop into a CVS near you between 8/16/15 and 8/23/15 to take advantage of a special rewards offer: Get $10 extrabucks rewards when you spend $20 on participating Nexxus New York Salon Care products!


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RD2_ASSET2[1][1][2][1][1]Post sponsored by Lunchbox.  All opinions are 100% my own because I love healthy hair!

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playa del carmen favorites

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I recently traveled to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and absolutely loved the experience and the travel memories–can I go back now please? asked me to round up some of my favorite highlights to share must-do activities and places to check out–see my favs below!

The Palm at La Playa Roof Pool

We booked the Palm at La Playa based on online photos only and it seemed pretty good.  But when we saw it in person?  The hotel was amazing!  This hotel is not your typical all-inclusive resort, but is rather a boutique hotel focused on guest service and a very trendy vibe.  The hotel’s roof deck pool is a must if you’re staying at the hotel, if not you can get a day pass to attend.  Cabana beds in the water offer a lux spot to relax in the warm afternoon sun while the amazing staff bring over another mango margarita.

FullSizeRender 3

100% Natural Restaurant

100% Natural restaurant is located right in the middle of the main strip in Playa Del Carmen in the middle of all of the touristy restaurants and shops.  I typically like to seek out the ‘hidden gems’ while traveling but this gem was out in the open.  I was craving healthy, organic food while in Mexico (you can’t have pastor tacos for every meal…. can you??) so it was refreshing to find a place specializing in farm to table fare.  I loved the veggie omelet and pressed juices.

cozumel ferryCozumel Ferry

If you’re staying in Playa Del Carmen, you have to take a day trip to Cozumel on the Cozumel Ferry.  The 45 minute ferry was such a fun experience for the lively passengers to people-watch, the musical performances, and the inexpensive cervezas.  Be sure to rent a Jeep on the island and go to some off the grid beaches for beautiful snorkeling.

catamaran snorkelingCatamaran snorkeling

I’m not a fan of the uber-touristy stuff, but this catamaran trip was incredible.  We booked a daily excursion from Maroma Adventures for a day-long snorkeling trip.  The ride out to the reef was great, gliding through the bright blue water while sitting on the catamaran netting.  There were so many interesting types of reef and fish to look at, I found myself being the last one back on the boat!  Before heading back into shore, the crew pulled out a sail swing and let us take turns floating up into the air, swinging side to side, and finally counting 3…2…1 and jumping off into the water.  It was SO. MUCH. FUN.

FullSizeRender 4

Have you guys traveled to Playa Del Carmen?  I’d love to hear about what you enjoyed there.  Do you have any recommendations on must-go travel spots?  I’m always looking to add new places to my list!

Looking for more Playa Del Carmen gems?  Check out Expedia’s picks here!


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This post created in collaboration with  All opinions are my own, travel is the only think you can buy that makes you richer.

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