summer sweetness with GODIVA

GODIVA Trufflelata soft serve Continue reading

GODIVA Trufflelata soft serve

One of my favorite aspects of summer is taking the time to enjoy yourself and indulge!  Whether you’re traveling and exploring new cultures, finally purchasing a pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on (like this pair from Kate Spade…), or treating yourself to a sweet treat (like one of these amazing GODIVA truffles)!

GODIVA Trufflelata soft serve GODIVA Trufflelata soft serve

With that in mind, I’m excited to announce that I’m partnering with GODIVA as an ambassador to celebrate the launch of GODIVA’s Trufflelata and Soft Serve ice cream!  I’ve always loved giving the iconic GODIVA chocolates as gifts to friends and family so it’s exciting to celebrate the new launch.  The best part?  GODIVA wants to share the sweetness with the lovely Just Add Glam readers and I’ll be sharing a fun giveaway with you after the event (think chocolates…giftcards…more to come on that!).

GODIVA Trufflelata soft serve

I’ll be sharing more with you about the Trufflelata and Soft Serve after I have my summer fling with GODIVA next week…I can’t wait to share it with you!  What was your most memorable summer fling?xoxo

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black and tan

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black skater skirtstriped peplum topLoeffler Randall flatsjust add glam

Top: Ann Taylor, similar here // Skirt: Topshop, similar here // Flats: Loeffler Randall // Coat: Missoni // Bracelet: Giles & Brother // Ring: Inspired Silver, Cost Plus World Market // Sunglasses: Inspired Shades

I kept my weekend super low key since I was puppy-sitting for my brother and catching up on actually being in San Francisco.  I took my Loeffler Randall flats for a spin and took the black and tan style as the overall theme to my outfit.  Layering is key in San Francisco because you never know when the weather will turn, so I threw on a Missoni coat for an extra layer.  After all of my traveling to warmer climates, I definitely am keeping my coat on…brrr!


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what’s in my beach bag

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Ever since summer started, I’ve been spending a lot of time at the beach and at the pool.  It’s really nice to enjoy the warmer summer weather (especially when I’m normally enjoying San Francisco’s notorious fog) so I get myself to the water as much as possible.  Whenever I go, it’s an all day affair so I’m sure to pack accordingly so that I have everything I need for a fun day in the sun.  Check out what I bring along in my beach bag below!
what's in my beach bagwhat's in my beach bagwhat's in my beach bagwhat's in my beach bagwhat's in my beach bag

  1. Metallic Tote from Gap - I got this tote years ago and I actually love how its slowly gotten weathered from countless trips to the beach, being used as an airplane carry-on–even carrying around groceries!  I like that this tote can be stuffed to the brim and it stays strong.  Not to mention, the bronze color is perfect for the beach!
  2. Timex Weekender watch – This sporty watch is super playful and a beach day gives me a chance to wear something more fun and colorful!
  3. Beaded bracelets from Brazil – I picked up these dainty beaded bracelets on Copacabana beach in Brazil while walking to see a game with my girlfriends.  We all got matching bracelets to commemorate our trip and they are so perfectly stackable!
  4. Tens sunglasses - Nothing beats watching a beach sunset, unless its watching it through Tens sunglasses.  I recently discovered Tens and they are the modern day “rose colored glasses”, everything looks like its been put through the best Instagram filter.
  5. HP Intel hybrid with Beats by Dre – I know it sounds kind of strange to have a laptop in your beach bag, but hear me out!  When I’m traveling, I’m not looking to bring tons of devices along with me.  I love bringing my hybrid along because it is equipped with Beats by Dre sound so that I can rock the beach party with great sound quality and also use it as a tablet to read books on the beach.  And of course, I’m obsessed with its bright red hue–so unique!
  6. Samsung NX300 – Being a blogger I’m always carrying around my camera, but when I’m out and about I like using a smaller yet still powerful camera to capture the moment.  This little guy also lets me transfer photos wirelessly to my phone for awesome Instagram photos on the go.
  7. PilyQ bikini from The Orchid Boutique – New favorite style of swimwear–the rashguard trend!  I showed off these amazing set in my last post and am hosting a giveaway for a $100 giftcard to The Orchid Boutique to get your own amazing swimwear–enter here!
  8. #GIRLBOSS – I was given this book before I started traveling and its such a great read.  Its really inspiring to read from the voice of Nasty Gal’s CEO Sophia Amoruso to hear her story of doing what you love and achieving greatness at the same time.
  9. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm – Obviously.
  10. MAC Skinshimmer – This shimmery body lotion is a great way to fake a tan without being as permanent as sunless tanner.  I mix it equal parts with my sunscreen for a bronzed look while protecting my skin.
  11. Clarins Sunscreen Care Oil Spray - Its important not to forget keeping your head sunsafe, so a few spritzes of this on my hairline protects my scalp and my hair
  12. Fekkai Marine Summer Hair – Another fabulous hair protectant in a delicious coconut scent!
  13. Kerastase Elixir Ultime - And my third favorite hair protectant.  Its good to switch things up.
  14. L’Oreal Solar Expertise Sunscreen – Because being safe in the sun is always in style…and it smells fantastic.
  15. Havaianas – So simple and classic beach footwear.  Plus, how cute are the little Brazilian flags?

What are your beach bag essentials for summer?  Don’t forget the sunscreen!


#spon: I’m required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel This could include Intel providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment

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the orchid boutique

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the orchid boutiquethe orchid boutiquethe orchid boutiquethe orchid boutiquethe orchid boutiquethe orchid boutiquethe orchid boutiquethe orchid boutiquethe orchid boutique

Rashguard top and bikini: PilyQ via The Orchid Boutique // Skirt: Hinge // Flats: Loeffler Randall // Bag: World Market // Sarong: travel souvenir from Rio de Janeiro // Watch: Timex // Sunglasses: Inspired Shades 

Summer is in full swing and I couldn’t be happier!  If you’ve been following along with me on social media, you’ve seen that I recently went to the FIFA World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and it was most unforgettable experience of my life.  Seeing the futbol matches, hiking through the rain forests, and enjoying Copacabana and Ipanema beaches filled my days and I was lucky enough to see the beauty of Brazil first hand.

When I head to the beach, I have an affinity for sporty-style swimwear.  Its nice to not have to worry about straps and strings coming undone when you’re surfing a wave or snorkeling in the reef.  For my beach day, I wore this rash guard top and bikini bottom from PilyQ that I found at The Orchid Boutique.  I really love the print on it—part feather, part cheetah, and full on technicolor!  Who says sporty can’t be glam?

To head to the beach, I paired the rash guard bikini with a similarly printed floral skirt for some major print mixing.  In keeping the same color palette, print mixing looks effortless rather than over the top.  But once I got to the beach I traded my skirt for a sarong that I got from a beach vendor in Rio.  I love how it is a special souvenir for me to remember my trip to the World Cup with all of the competing countries’ flags represented on it!

To celebrate the World Cup, Fourth of July, and summer in general, I’ve teamed up with The Orchid Boutique to give you a chance to win your own special swimsuit or resort wear piece to celebrate the season!  One lucky reader will win a $100 gift card to The Orchid Boutique to select their favorite pieces from the creme de la creme brands in swim and resort wear!  I’m currently crushing on this maxi dress from Maaji Swimwear, this Mar Y Sol beach bag, and this palm tree printed bikini from Tavik Swimwear!

Entering in the giveaway is easy, just use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter via as many methods as you choose (the more entries…the better your chances!).  The giveaway will run through July 18, 2014 and conclude at midnight PST.  Good luck and cheers to an unforgettable summer!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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debunking hair myths with Sassoon Salon

debunking hair myths Continue reading

Hey everyone!  I get a lot of questions about my hair and what I do to care for it–whether it’s my color, cut, or how I style it so I wanted to put together a post for you to show the behind the scenes of my typical salon day.  Keep reading to see what goes into achieving my cut and color and get insight from Sassoon Salon’s Senior Creative Director Elizabeth Hartley and Color Director Nathan Booth as they debunk common hair myths!

debunking hair mythsdebunking hair myths

Jennifer from Just Add Glam:  We have all heard of different hair myths but I wanted to find out the answers from the experts to debunk them once and for all.  First hair myth…when you come in for color service, I’ve heard that you want to come in with dirty hair. What are your thoughts about that?

Vidal Sassoon’s Color Director Nathan Booth: I think that dirty hair is really helpful for a couple of reasons. One is, it creates a barrier between your scalp and your hair, and the chemical of the hair color, so if you’re prone to sensitivity with a color service or you get a little discomfort when your having your color done, it’s better to have the dirtier hair, because you’ve got the layer of oil for protection. Secondly, from a color standpoint, when you’re working with somebody with a finer texture hair, it’s a little bit of, say, residual product or oil in the hair, it makes the hair easier to work with. If the hair is fine, and totally clean, the hair can be quite slippery, having a little bit of the grit from the debris is good. So yes, in theory dirtier hair is better to work with. 

debunking hair mythsdebunking hair myths

Jennifer: I always have a hard time coming into the salon with dirty hair because I don’t want to seem like I don’t have good hygiene…haha!  But going forward I’ll definitely skip the wash.  So when coloring your hair, the hair myth is that it leads to damage and breakage, but are there color services that you can do to change up your style while still keeping your hair healthy?

Nathan: Absolutely. In using the non-permanent or demi-permanent colors, they’ll give you a hue variation to your color, and they’re nice because they don’t damage the hair, and they are non-committal, in the sense that you’re not locked into heavy maintenance of every four weeks, as you would be with other color applications. So, yes, there are other things you can do that are low commitment and low damage to the hair.

debunking hair mythsdebunking hair myths

Jennifer: It’s great to hear that coloring your hair doesn’t necessarily mean you’re frying it.  How about drug store shampoo versus salon products: Is there a difference? And what are the products you recommend for healthy, shiny, beautiful hair?

Nathan: The main difference between drug store versus professional products is going to be the level of conditioning ingredients.  It’s like buying food from a high quality, organic store versus a mass market supermarket, where it’s still going to give you the same nourishment, but are you going to get extra added ingredients and higher quality.  That’s what a salon product is going to be like versus a drug store product. Then, as far as maintaining shiny, healthy hair, the Sebastian Drench product is a really beautiful shampoo and conditioner that helps promote moisture in the hair, and the Sebastian Penetrate shampoo and conditioner really helps to strengthen and restore hair that’s undergone a lot of damage. Both of those are really nice at home products to use to care for your hair by cleansing and conditioning.

debunking hair myths

Jennifer: So, you don’t want to wash your hair everyday, is this correct?

Nathan: Yes, that’s correct for a number of reasons. One, if you do have color, your color is going to last longer the less frequently that you shampoo it. Two, your hair is going to stay shiner and healthier for a longer period of time because you’re not stripping it of its  natural oils, which is what helps protect the hair and keeps it supple and shiny.

debunking hair myths

Jennifer: Dry shampoo is an absolute savior when not washing my hair everyday, so are there any dry shampoos or other products that you recommend that make the time between washing not as dirty looking?

Nathan: There are actually a lot of different things that you can use as dry shampoo, that you already have in your home, baby powder is great to, especially for someone that has lighter hair. Another option is baking soda, that will help to just absorb those oils. So working with household items too can help, when you don’t have time to run to the salon to pick up a product like a dry shampoo. 

debunking hair myths

Jennifer: A common hair myth is that you should cut your hair every six weeks in order for it to grow long and strong. What do you think about that?

Sassoon Salon’s Senior Creative Director Elizabeth Hartley: Well, what’s going to happen to your hair, is that it’s not going to grow evenly, because it grows at different rates all over your head. The advantage of cutting it, say every six weeks, would be that all those hairs that have been, perhaps dormant, are now starting to grow, and it gives you the opportunity to have a nice, fresh finish, particularly if you have really fine hair.  But to be really honest, if you’re trying to grow your hair, you need to worry more about the condition of the hair. If the hair gets to the point where you’re seeing split ends, then would be a very good time to trim your hair. So that’s not necessarily every six weeks, you could go two to three months between cuts.

Jennifer: Interesting. And they also say “don’t wash your hair every day”, Nathan agrees with it, what are your thoughts?

Elizabeth: Well, again I think it depends on the hair. Most people don’t need to wash their hair every day. I think that came out of that wash and wear era many, many years ago when women had stopped going to the hairdresser once a week to get their hair done. Then they started perming their hair, and we’d cut the perms, and it coined a phrase, it was “wash and wear hair”. So the idea was you could wash your hair every day, go swimming, hop in the hot tub, etc, and not have to worry about your hair. But in theory, it’s best to let your hair absorb its natural oils.

debunking hair myths

Jennifer: How do you feel hair is related to a personal style?

Elizabeth: It’s a very big part of most people’s style, I would say. Huge. You know, when people come in to the salon and say “you can do anything you want to my hair”, I think, really? You don’t even know me, I don’t know you, are you crazy? So, I think that when I’m trying to create a style for somebody, I need some feedback from them. Not only the obvious like, what kind of maintenance do you want? But, what is your lifestyle like? Even though we say that it’s just hair and it will grow, we don’t really mean that, and people will bawl their eyes out if they experience a bad cut. You know it got cut too short, or made too dark, or…it’s a very personal thing. Logically it shouldn’t be like that, but it is. So yes, it’s a big part of people’s style.

Jennifer: So what would be your top priority tips to have gorgeous hair?

Elizabeth: It’s all about the condition of the hair. If you want to curl, straighten, or otherwise style your hair, it needs to be in good condition to avoid breakage.  So conditioner is very important. I also recommend having a style that’s appropriate to your lifestyle. You need a stylist who’s going to be able to work with you and advise you with products, and I think to really understand that your hair.  I watch people and how they do their hair, and it never ceases to amaze me how rough they are with it. One of the worst things you can do is roughly brush through wet hair, because the hair stretches when it’s wet, it wraps around the brush, and that is when you see a lot breakage. So, I’ve been advising a lot of my particularly long haired clients to try shampooing the hair at the end of the day, don’t blow dry it, and go to bed.  When you wake up in the morning, you just touch it up, that will keep the health of the hair strong. 

debunking hair mythsdebunking hair mythsFor my color, Nathan did some ombre-style highlights in rich mahogany and caramel colors to lighten up my ends for summer.  For my cut, Elizabeth cleaned up my long layers and gave me a style that worked well with my hair texture (fine hair…but tons of it!) and framed my face so that I could wear it straight, wavy, curled, etc and it would fall exactly as it should.

It was so much fun working with Nathan and Elizabeth to create a fresh look for summer and debunk common hair myths.  The entire team at Sassoon Salon is so knowledgeable, creative, and talented–I highly recommend them for your cut and color!  Whether you’re looking to a major change or just freshening up your look for summer, Sassoon Salon has all your hair needs covered!



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