how to host: girls night in

How to host girls night in

Don’t get me wrong, going out to check out San Francisco’s (or wherever I’m traveling) newest bars and restaurants is one of my favorite ways to see my friends, socialize, and enjoy delicious apps and drinks.  But sometimes (after a particularly loooong week), it’s nice to avoid the crowds and stay home for a low key evening.  Since I’m the one hosting our next get together, I wanted to share my take on hosting girls night in with snacks and drinks to cater to the many preferences of my friends.  Take a look at what I’m serving up as hostess at Chez Just Add Glam:

How to host girls night inWine – Girls night in isn’t complete without a bit of vino, and since a lot of my friends have different preferences on what they like to drink, I opted to get a variety.  A Pinot Noir from Estancia,  a Sauvignon Blanc from VINTJS, and a Brut Rose from Mumm Napa (my favorite!).

How to host girls night inCheese – Wine and cheese go together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich so I selected an assortment of cheeses to enjoy.  A soft creamy Brie with mushrooms for a great flavor, herbed goat cheeses, and a sharp cheddar from the Isle of Man (talk about a special find!)

How to host girls night inLucques Olives – I’ve been a big fan of these olives since they are the perfect bite of salty and tangy!

How to host girls night inWheat Thins Popped – These were actually a direct request from one of my girlfriends via text message which went a little something like “please don’t bring a boring baguette!” and a string of emojis–so hilarious!  I found these guys in the bread and cracker aisle of the grocery store and was happy to offer my health conscious friends a whole grain option for dipping and crunching beyond the “boring baguette”.  With 10-11 grams of whole grain and a nice crunch, its fun to have something new to dip into chilled guacamole and hummus.  The texture of the Wheat Thins is so poppable and munchable…the perfect cracker for dipping!

How to host girls night inFrench Macarons – Oh yes, the French Macaron…a bloggers favorite treat!  Not only are they perfectly cute for photos and Instagram (if you haven’t seen the latest Instagram account du jour @youdidnoteatthat…you are in for a treat!) but they are small enough to be just a bite of decadence.

How to host girls night inMediterranean Hummus – This hummus should be illegal its so good.  It took some extreme willpower to not consume half of the container while I was putting together the girls night in spread.  I love the drizzle of olive oil and pine nuts on top!

Guacamole – People usually associate guacamole with Mexican food but I think it deserves a seat at the table at all times.  One of my favorite ways to enjoy this creamy avocado goodness is to dip cool, sliced cucumbers into it for a crisp alternative to traditional tortilla chips.

How to host girls night inColumbus Salame – This salami comes straight from San Francisco and as far as I’m concerned its the real San Francisco treat (step aside, Rice-a-Roni!).  This Calabrese Salame has a hot pepper kick to it for a little something extra.

When it comes to putting together a charcuterie or fromage plate, I like to use the Tetris method–basically where I put something on the plate and continue to add to it and fill in the holes, ha!

What do you like to plan when hosting girls night in?  What drinks and snacks bring you and the girls together for a wonderful evening?


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  1. Helena wrote:

    Thank you for this lovely post!
    Very beautiful pics!
    and these lovely “amuse gueules” get me hungry!

    Posted 6.21.14 Reply