blacklane Sharing some random bits of life lately!

I’m still dreaming about our Mexico trip–I miss the crystal blue water so much!  I set up Blacklane car service to and from the airport to make our trip a touch more special.  I am a total planner when it comes to having everything scheduled when traveling so it was great to book it ahead of time and then have a car waiting for you when you sleepwalk out of U.S. customs!

girls who drywall Never in my life did I think I would be learning how to do drywall…but I guess it’s time to add it to my resume!  I’m doing a bit of a remodel on the laundry room to make it a bit bigger.  Thanks for teaching me, Dad!

ikea hackOn the subject of home makeovers, I’m slowly getting unpacked–It’s taking forever!  I needed some organization for my office and I found this IKEA hack.  I love the way this silver painted bookcase turned out.  It’s not bulky, painting it was super easy, and big wicker bins hide all my stuff.  So happy with the way this turned out!

Dillon Beach

We went to Dillon Beach last weekend to celebrate my brother’s birthday!  I love the bright colored houses that overlook the beach.  I’m adding renting one of these to my to-do list.  It would be a really fun staycation trip with friends.

it's it

We’ve been in a major heatwave the past couple weeks, nothing like some old-school ice cream to keep cpp;.  Rice-a-Roni isn’t the San Francisco treat, it’s actually IT’S IT!  When is it going to be #nationalicecreamsandwich day?!


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  1. Brandy Saldana wrote:

    I recognize those baskets! 😉 I love how your home is coming together and that I recognized that shelf in Chelsea’s August Favorites video!

    Kudos to learning how to do drywall!

    Posted 9.3.15 Reply
  2. I need to try those IKEA hacks! Love how the shelf came out.

    Posted 9.3.15 Reply
  3. I love that silver painted bookshelf! It looks so good!

    Posted 9.3.15 Reply
  4. Maggie wrote:

    Love that Ikea hack! It looks so good!

    Posted 9.4.15 Reply