living proof living proofliving proofliving proofliving proof living proof living proofDress: H&M // Tights: Spanx // Boots: Target // Bag: BCBG // Beanie: Target // Hair: Living Proof Perfect Hair Day

Typically you think of wearing a hat when you’re having a bad day, but in this case I’m taking advantage of my perfect hair day with an ‘it-girl’ beanie look.

I’ve been wanting to give my hair a break from heat styling for a bit since I knew it would take a beating over the holidays with a lot of holiday parties and hairstyles.  A colleague introduced me to Living Proof earlier this year and finally had the chance to try it out.  I gave a handful of products a try since I love discovering new products to help my hair be its best and today I opted for the Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 styling treatment for its promise to deliver smoothness, volume, conditioning, strength and polish.  I washed my hair with the Living Proof Restore Shampoo and Conditioner and applied a quarter-size amount of Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 to my damp hair, focusing on the ends.  I brushed out a few tangles here and there, but I’m not kidding when I say…I didn’t do much to style it other than wrapping it in a bun to dry.  How easy is that?

I’m really impressed with Living Proof’s ability to provide a blown-out look, but without the heat.  I feel like I’m always putting my hair through a lot with color treatments (gotta freshen up my ombré!) and constantly curling my hair.  I’m glad I’m able to find a product that makes my hair look great without having to subject it to damage.  When I air dry my hair without product, it can look frazzled and dry (thanks to my ombré highlights).  But applying some of the 5-in-1 really transformed my wash-and-go hair for days where I’m not interested in spending forever styling it.

Have you tried Living Proof for your hair?  How did you like it and how did it make your hair feel?


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  1. Genie wrote:

    love this! I’ve been meaning to try living proof products for awhile now

    Posted 11.23.15 Reply
  2. Kelsey wrote:

    I swear by Living Proof’s primer! It seriously is the only thing that help keeps frizzies and oils at bay 🙂 I have heard really good things about their Perfect Hair day product so I’ll have to try that one next.

    Kelsey |

    Posted 11.24.15 Reply