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T-shirt: Pickwick and Weller // Flannel: Nordstrom // Jeans: Spanx // Shoes: Converse

Do you guys ever find yourselves getting into ruts of the same hairstyle over and over? I wash my hair about twice a week to keep it healthy and shiny, but that also means coming up with creative styles to keep it looking great while awaiting shampoo suds (like in my last tutorial here).

I went to my local San Francisco Target Beauty Concierge event and got some great advice and additional opinions on how I can mix up my messy bun and standard ponytail. We decided to try a low braid crown, which honestly is outside of my comfort zone. Some of the delicate braid hairstyles can come off looking too princessy or very festival girl, so we made an effort to tease it up and make it a bit messy. I used the L’Oreal Blowout Longwear Spray to add some volume to my roots, and then finished with a few spritzes of Nutri-Gloss High Shine Glossing Mist to give a squeaky-clean shimmer and shine. I’m happy I’ve found another easy style to add to my rotation!

Find your style @TargetStyle.


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  1. Nusrat wrote:

    I don’t think that looks very princessy or festival girl at all! I need help with creative hair styles too because I only do the ponytail and messy bun. This braided style looks very classy and easy to do.

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply
  2. Terumi wrote:

    Gorgeous hair! Sounds like a fun event:) love Target:)

    Posted 11.16.15 Reply