New Workout Gear For Inspiration: Nike React Shoes

Nike React shoes
Nike React shoes

I can’t believe February is almost over but that New Year feeling is still going strong for me! How are you doing with all of your news years’ goals and challenges?

Nike React shoes
Nike React shoes

I always love new workout and athletic gear to keep me motivated for my workouts.  I love mixing things up so you can find me going on hikes through the hills near my house, going to barre class, or just spending time with weights at the gym.  For me, new workout gear is great for inspiration!

Nike React shoes

I’ve been a long time fan of the sleek black workout leggings so I can get more creative with color and style in other ways with my workout outfits.  I like being able to create outfits that take me seamlessly throughout my day from a workout to a coffee with friends, or out on errands.  Today’s outfit I pulled out my new favorite Nike React shoes which I’ve been LOVING.  The Nike React running shoe launches on February 22nd in a handful of different colors and I love how cozy these feel on my feet.  They have a great bounce to them which feels great when warming up on the treadmill or climbing up rocks on a hike, to give me a spring back in my step.  This is also the first pair of “sock” shoes I’ve worn and there is a nice compression feeling when wearing them, almost like removing the need for socks and feeling your feet that much closer and connected to the ground beneath you.

Nike React shoesNike React shoes

These paired so nicely with my pink striped sweater to wear as I warmed up today and really compliments the bright white shoes and blue and pink accents…such a fun color combination!  And to top it all off, a white pom hat to keep me warm on this chilly February day.

Nike React shoes   Nike React shoes Nike React shoes Nike React shoes

What workout gear motivates you to keep moving during these colder months?  Looking to check out the new Nike Reacts? Check out the other colors here!

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  1. Stacie wrote:

    I LOVE that outfit! I find that I’m far more motivated to get out and be active when I look cute. I have to get a pair of those shoes.

    Posted 2.22.18 Reply
  2. Your workout gear is great looking, the tights and the shoes so perfect. I am so jealous I need to get a new pair of Nikes for my workout.

    Posted 2.22.18 Reply
  3. Lisa Favre wrote:

    Oh these shoes are SO incredibly cute! I love the color detailing in the back – I’ll definitely have to get a pair.

    Posted 2.22.18 Reply
  4. Your entire outfit is fire! The Nike’s bring everything together.

    Posted 2.22.18 Reply
  5. I love this look! Those shoes look amazing and stylish!

    Posted 2.22.18 Reply
  6. Kiwi wrote:

    You look so comfy and chic in this workout gear. I love the cute winter workout gear.

    Posted 2.23.18 Reply
  7. Those shoes look super cute! I wanna go get me some now! Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 2.24.18 Reply
  8. Joshua wrote:

    Wow your as on #cutenessoverload

    Posted 5.2.18 Reply
    • Joshua wrote:

      Typing error plus I’m dyslexic …. the “as” wasn’t supposed to be there

      Posted 5.4.18 Reply
  9. Christy Peeples DuBois wrote:

    I am needing workout gear. My Nike tennys have seen better days but I didn’t know where to begin deciding on a new pair. I will certainly look into these that you are wearing and go from there.

    Posted 5.2.18 Reply
  10. pauline A brown wrote:

    Love those shoes

    Posted 5.3.18 Reply
  11. CELES MICKLE wrote:

    I like these work out gears. The color of this workout gear is beautiful and lovely. I love working out and exercising. I need to buy me some new workout gear.

    Posted 5.4.18 Reply
  12. Joshua wrote:

    If you ever are afraid to buy online you should try zappos cause they give you a shipping label for returns & pay plus 365 days in which to return what doesn’t fit or simply if after you get it you don’t like the look … I’ve used them many times …..

    Posted 5.4.18 Reply
  13. Angella richards wrote:

    I also love my black legging and colorful running shoes it makes me feel good about myself and i think i do a better workout! Love those sneakers im shopping as we speak!

    Posted 5.4.18 Reply
  14. Jennifer Dugan Murphy wrote:

    Nothing beats new gear to motivate me to keep moving!

    Posted 5.5.18 Reply
  15. Stephanie Z wrote:

    I agree about the sleek black workout leggings. They are comfortable and go with almost everything!

    Posted 5.5.18 Reply
  16. Kassie Kappock wrote:

    I am OBSESSED with your fashion style. OH MY GOODNESS

    Posted 5.7.18 Reply
  17. Joshua wrote:

    Those look like a retro look which is cool…

    Posted 5.7.18 Reply
  18. Jennifer Dugan Murphy wrote:

    I love your hat! I’m not sure if it’s a San Francisco thing… My sister lived there and she has the greatest hats!

    Posted 5.9.18 Reply
  19. kaitlin ryan wrote:

    I just started 80 day obsession and would love shoes like those!

    Posted 5.9.18 Reply
  20. Barrie wrote:

    I love your work out gear. The outfit looks comfy.

    Posted 5.9.18 Reply
  21. Phyllis A Huebbe wrote:

    I wish I look as good as you do in workout clothes

    Posted 5.11.18 Reply
  22. Jennifer Dugan Murphy wrote:

    I need new nikes! Thanks!

    Posted 5.12.18 Reply
  23. Joshua wrote:

    Do you jog with your ☕ in ✋ ?

    Posted 5.13.18 Reply
  24. Joshua wrote:

    Did you knit that pink sweater yourself?

    Posted 5.14.18 Reply
  25. Joshua wrote:

    Where’d you get that bunny tail hat from?

    Posted 5.15.18 Reply
  26. Joshua wrote:

    Are pants that look as though they are body paint really that comfortable?

    Posted 5.16.18 Reply
  27. Nathalie Scott-Hsiung wrote:

    That sweater is necessary in my life…
    I only recently realized how much I’ve been lacking in my life without a dedicated workout wardrobe! We’re slowly working on it.

    Posted 5.17.18 Reply
  28. Phyllis A Huebbe wrote:

    I wish I could wear work out clothes but I’m too old

    Posted 5.17.18 Reply
  29. Phyllis A Huebbe wrote:

    I can’t stress more to some bloggers, if you ask us to comment every day, you should have more to comment on.

    Posted 5.22.18 Reply
  30. Chastidea Kaelea wrote:

    Love those shoes!

    Posted 5.24.18 Reply
  31. Lori Pierce wrote:

    Those Nike’s look really comfortable. I don’t make New Years Resolutions because I always break them.

    Posted 5.26.18 Reply
  32. Lanie wrote:

    Cute shoes and hopefully they are comfy. Not sure I would workout in that outfit though lol looks too nice.

    Posted 5.26.18 Reply