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By now you’ve already picked out your New Year’s Eve outfit and put the champagne on ice–but what about New Year’s Day?  One of my favorite traditions is New Year’s Day brunch.  It’s a great time to catch up with friends on the night before and eat something delicious to ease any excess champagne consumption–am I right?  Here are some of my favorite ways to prep for New Years Day brunch to kick off the year!

opt for comfort

After a night of celebrating–whether you’re out at a huge party or sharing champagne on the couch–comfort is always key.  I typically opt for cotton pieces that are easy to wear, but still looked pulled together, like this striped dress from Shabby Apple.  Don’t forget to bring some shades to complete your look, I got this pink pair of amazon for $18!


chill out with aromatherapy

I recently started enjoying aromatherapy and I’m completely hooked.  For the morning after a NYE party, I opt for scents that are energizing to get my day started.  I like to mix peppermint and lemon essential oils in my diffuser to fill the room with an amazing scent.  It’s crazy how many benefits there are from essential oils–I love how scent has such an impact on well being!

dove dry spray

freshen up for the day

With the calendar turning to the new year, I’m always inspired to get on the best track possible with skincare and beauty products.  Since the day is a holiday, I like to take my time getting ready in the morning.  I don’t typically take the time to indulge in my beauty product routine in the morning, so I like to find small ways to sneak it in.  On New Year’s Day I’ll be starting the year off right by enjoying a hot shower with my brown sugar body scrub, followed by a thick body butter cream, and this new Dove Dry Spray that I picked up a Kroger.  Many times I’ve had deodorant stain through my clothing so I’ve been excited to use this dry spray instead and keep my outfit safe and brunch-ready–and love how it also lasts for 48 hours!–you know, in case you’re going to brunch in last night’s NYE dress!

new years day outfit

keep your hair and makeup simple

After staying up all night, it’s nice to be able to skip using your blow dryer and embracing your 2nd (or 3rd!) day hair.  A couple of spritzes of dry shampoo will freshen up your style to take you from Times Square celebrations to eggs Benedict!  I don’t know about you guys but when I try to remove a smokey eye, I always have a bit of residual dark eyeliner that remains.  For easy makeup, I embrace my semi-existing smokey eye by smudging a bit of dark shadow along my lash line for an edgy-glam look.  Pop on a sparkly necklace like this one gorgeous one from Happiness Boutique and you’re all set!  Cheers to 2016!

Want to try out a dry spray for yourself?  Head over to Kroger for $1.50 off any Dove, Degree, or Axe deodorant product!


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This post sponsored by Lunchbox, all opinions are my own because Dove dry spray is awesome!

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  1. Christy F wrote:

    Great ideas and photos! Champagne is always delicious. I might have to try the Dove dry spray, I’ve never seen that product before 🙂

    Posted 1.4.16 Reply
  2. Krista Williams wrote:

    Really loved those glasses! They are lovely!

    I also am a big fan of Dove Spray, LOL it’s so underrated!

    Great post girl.

    Posted 1.6.16 Reply
  3. kamila wrote:

    Such a great post! really amazing ideas 🙂

    Posted 1.7.16 Reply
  4. Cassandra wrote:

    Just found your blog and I love your style. Your photographs are gorgeous! 🙂

    Posted 1.18.16 Reply