spring cleaning my travel beauty bag

spring beautyI’ve been traveling quite a bit lately with flights hopping around from San Francisco to Los Angeles to Seattle and back.  I’m constantly swapping products in and out of my carry-on toiletry bag since I love trying new products and late-night hotel room spa sessions are quickly becoming the norm for me.  Here’s a look into what I brought in my bag this week…

spring beauty Hello toothpaste: Did you know that Hello was created by the genius behind the amazing EOS egg-shaped lip balm?  Yeah, I didn’t either!  Hello toothpaste is free from preservatives, dyes, triclosan, microbeads, and artificial sweeteners and I love that they come in more flavors beyond the typical mint.  I have all of them at home (from my local Target!) but this week I brought along pink grapefruit–yum!

Pulsaderm Buddy: I’ve been a long time fan of sonic skincare brushes to enhance daily skin cleansing and exfoliation, and the Pulsaderm Buddy brush is so adorably cute to fit in my toiletry bag.  It has two different speeds and can be charged via USB which is great–one less charger to plug in!  It’s like a palm-sized facial that I can bring with me everywhere.

spring beautyderma e Microderm Scrub and Hydrating Night Creme: I’ve been using this night creme for a couple years now and love its velvety feeling on my skin.  It feels great to smooth on after cleansing for tons of hydration via haluronic acid and plumping of fine lines for a more youthful appearance.  I recently discovered the microderm scrub and I like to use it maybe once every two weeks if I feel like I really need to scrub out clogged pores.  The gritty Dead Sea salt and volcanic sand buff my skin to super smooth finish!

Aura Cacia Apricot Oil:  As someone with oily and dry combination skin, I’ve often had mixed feelings about using oils.  Why would I want to ADD oil to my already oily skin?  I’ve noticed that adding this apricot oil instead of lotion gives me longer lasting hydration.

Have you guys tried any of these products before? Would love you hear your thoughts!  What should I try next?


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