How To Have a Stress-Free Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a stressful holiday. Some people love it and look forward to it all year, others hate it, and a lot of people couldn’t care less. Regardless of how you feel, getting through Valentine’s Day stress-free can be pretty tricky. Whether you want to do something special while avoiding the craziness or you’re stressing about finding the perfect gift, here’s how to have a stress-free Valentine’s Day this year.

5 Tips to a Stress-Free Valentine’s Day


Everyone tends to have different views on what a perfect Valentine’s Day is supposed to be. Whether we realize it or not, those expectations can cause miscommunication and hurt feelings. To avoid this, be honest with each other and set expectations for the day in advance. Even if your visions of the day are different, you can still talk it out and plan something that will make you both happy (and comfortable). 


There’s so much focus on giving flowers & chocolate and pressure to have a fancy date or exciting plans that it’s really easy to forget what Valentine’s Day is actually about—celebrating love. Instead of getting caught up in what your “supposed” to do, try starting a new tradition each year to honor your relationship while also switching things up! Think outside the box about what you both like to do and make it something special you do together each Valentine’s Day. You’ll be able to avoid the pressure of the day, AND you’ll have a new tradition that you can look forward to each year. 


If you and your partner find Valentine’s Day puts you both on edge, instead take the day to de-stress! Forget the perfectly timed, elaborate plans and do something together that you both enjoy. It’s ok if your perfect day might look different than what you see in a romantic comedy. For you and your significant other, it might be way more romantic to get a couples massage or go for a romantic walk then getting all dressed up and going for an expensive dinner. Let go of those stereotypes and do what will make the day great for both of you!


We all know that each of us gives and receives love and affection in different ways. If you and your significant other can identify which “languages” you both bring to your relationship, you can eliminate a lot of potential misunderstandings — especially on occasions like Valentine’s Day, when miscommunication can cause extra problems. You can both take a quick assessment and find out how you and your partner give and receive love. This will not only help you choose the perfect gift, but it will improve your communication and relationship all year long!


As I mentioned before, it’s likely that your idea of Valentine’s Day is different than your partners. Making one half of the relationship conform to the other’s wishes about the day kind of defeats the purpose of celebrating the relationship. Put both your ideas on the table and find a way to incorporate them both. Or, you can agree to trade off date ideas from year to year. If you want to go on a romantic date but he wants to check out the new brewery in town, do one idea this year and plan to do the other the next! 


If holidays, in general, tend to be a tough time in your relationship, check out my other post on how to protect your relationship during the holidays!

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