holiday gifts under $100

The holiday season is so much fun!  I feel like everyone is bustling around heading to holiday gatherings, get togethers, a doing their shopping.  Personally I’m a fan of giving multiple, small holiday gifts rather than one large gift.  I also think it may be due to the fact that I often come across these small gifts and think, “Oh this would be perfect for…!”

Check out my picks of some of my favorite gifts under $100!  I can’t name any names but I definitely picked up a handful of these for all of the special people on my list!  Enjoy!


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  1. Chris wrote:

    Any good gift ideas for guys? I’m looking for something for my brother. He’s a big sports fan and like gadgets and stuff. I don’t think he likes any of the clothes I get him so I would deviate from fashion items.

    Posted 12.10.13 Reply