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Jennifer-29Jennifer-26 Jennifer-30Jennifer-31Jennifer-27 Jennifer-28 Jennifer-37Jennifer-32Jennifer-34 Jennifer-38Jennifer-35 Jennifer-36  Dress: Entro // Jacket: Windsor Store // Shoes: House of Harlow // Sunnies: GMAT //Bag: Lush

You guys!! This dress!! I’ve been living in two things this summer–Lululemon leggings and t-shirts, or flowy, breezy dresses–and nothing in between!  I love the tribal print and the combination of peach and navy.  I just heard that San Francisco will be experiencing quite the heat wave coming this week so, I’m queuing up easy dresses like this one to beat the heat.  Thank you so much mirror image lace up dress!

I’ve also been getting so many questions about these super reflective sunglasses.  I’ve linked them above and they are so affordable at $13…I’ve already purchased them in multiple colors and at such a great price it’s not a big deal if you lose them at the beach or in the back of an Uber (haha…it’s happened before!)

Hope everyone is staying cool this week wherever you are!  Stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, take care of your pets and make sure they have enough water and shade!


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Photos by Nathalie Bize



  1. Ev
    July 25, 2016 / 5:18 am

    Love that dress!

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