diamond foundry celine belt bag diamond foundry celine belt bag diamond foundry diamond foundryOutfit — Dress: Shabby Apple // Sweater: Jolt // Heels: Kelsey Dagger // Bag: Celine // Necklace: Diamond Foundry

Beauty — Foundation: IT Cosmetics CC+ cream // Lashes: Flutter Lashes in Kelsey // Lips: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm

I am loving this week!  It’s been beautiful here in the bay area so I think I might have officially transitioned to a spring wardrobe!  I’m sure this is a fluke but this gorgeous weather start to March has me smiling ear to ear!

Today I’m wearing a casual double-stripe situation with my dress and oversized cardigan and going for open toed shoes because–It’s 75 and sunny!  This delicate teeny-tiny diamond necklace from Diamond Foundry has been on my neck non-stop lately, as a reminder to go for what makes you happy and to stay strong.  I’ve always been a supporter of sustainable fashion brands (like in these posts here, here, and here) so it’s nice to know what I’m wearing utilizes innovation and technology via a hot-forged process, rather than being mined from the earth.  For a delicate piece that for me represents strength and achievement, its important that they’re committed to ethical processes for sourcing their materials.  The hot-forged process is pretty cool–the eco-friendly diamonds are made locally in San Francisco by placing a thin slice of diamond into a reactor (as hot as the outer layer of the sun!) to then build atoms into the diamond to form the gem.  They even reuse the original diamond fragment on the next gem!


I mentioned in my Valentine’s Day post that it’s important to celebrate yourself and take the time to reward for being YOU!  Specifically I’m talking about celebrating my goal of finally starting a YouTube channel when I’ve been wanting to for YEARS.  I’ve always been a huge fan of various YouTube channels but was always found some reason or another not to start my own.  Finally I planned out my approach, what kind of of content I wanted to create, and pulled the trigger–ahhh!  The first step towards your goal is always the hardest and most scary, so it’s special to celebrate and partner with Diamond Foundry to help craft and celebrate your hard work with a special stone.

What special ways do you celebrate yourself and your successes?


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  1. Tiffany wrote:

    I love the idea of celebrating success! These first two days of March, I’ve already met 2 goals of 10 on my Monthly goal list. I think I’ll treat myself to an hour of “me” time when my daughter goes to bed. A nice book and warm bath sounds great 😉

    Posted 3.2.16 Reply
  2. Maryam wrote:

    I love this feather. Your outfit looks amazing ! I’m loving the shoes

    Posted 3.2.16 Reply
  3. Ruthie wrote:

    Such a gorgeous outfit!! Your makeup is flawless!! xo

    Posted 3.2.16 Reply
  4. Deynece wrote:

    You are so beautiful 🙂 Such a great outfit! I am loving your handbag!

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  5. Liv wrote:

    I love to celebrate my accomplishments with family!

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  6. KatyRose wrote:

    Congrats on starting the YouTube channel. I have one but never get around to posting. Every year I tell myself, this is the year I will get good at blogging, or at least make it a habit. But that has yet to happen. Alas, at least there is still time this year to think about it. – Katy

    Posted 3.3.16 Reply
  7. In my world there’s always a reason to celebrate! Investing in a lovely diamond is the perfect way to spoil yourself. The beauty of your sweet diamond necklace lies in it’s simple understated elegance. Congratulations on your brand new YouTube channel. I send good wishes for it’s smashing success!

    Posted 3.4.16 Reply
  8. CourtneyLynne wrote:

    I celebrate goals as well!!! I think everyone should honestly;-)

    Posted 3.4.16 Reply
  9. Adelynn Pang wrote:

    You are gorgeous as always!

    Same feeling I got when I’m starting my own fashion blog. I admire a lot of bloggers and youtubers out there and I always wanted to blog/youtube but excuses keep me away from it. I finally took the first step to start a blog not long ago (it feels scary, overwhelmed but so exciting at the same time). I have a day job and can only blog once or at most twice a week. Reading blog post like this inspires me a lot and encourage me to set goals and pursue my dreams!

    You are amazing and I wish your youtube channel goes well! <3

    Adelynn P

    Posted 8.28.16 Reply