what's in my bag

I’m overdue on a what’s in my bag post, so… here you go!  Full disclosure I tossed all of my old, crumpled receipts and gum wrappers before snapping the photo.  Can’t have my purse trash hanging around!

Marni tote bag – I got this Marni tote on sale ($46 to be exact!) and actually purchased it for my mom as a gift, but I’ve been borrowing it as an everyday around-town tote.  It’s great that we can share our closets together!  Since San Francisco has implemented the 10 cent bag charge, I’m leaning towards purses / bags that can do double duty for my trips to the drugstore, supermarket, or wherever.

what's in my bagSimple Face Wipes – Skin health is super important in the summer months so I’m taking an extra effort in keeping my face hydrated.  I first tried Simple wipes about a year ago and like being able to have a pack on hand (in my bag, on my nightstand, etc.).  I picked up these radiance wipes on my last CVS run and they feel awesome on my skin.  Extra tip–If my face is feeling dry during the day, I take a wipe and blot it gently over my face.  My makeup stays put (again, be gentle!) and gives me a refreshing bit of touch up moisture.  (Bonus–discount coupon here!)

Paper Straws – I picked these up for a backyard BBQ party and am really excited to use them!  Pinterest is flooded with adorable paper straw photos and I’m ready to pop these pretties into some beverages!

Passport – I’m traveling soon and have a mini fear of forgetting my passport once I arrive at the airport.  I’ve been keeping mine close in my bag so I know exactly where to find it (especially helpful since I’m in the process of moving).

House of Lashes and lash glue – True Life: I love watching YouTube beauty videos!  A few of my favorite YouTubers have been recommending House of Lashes and I’ve ordered a pair to give them a try as well.  This style is called ‘Iconic’ and the lash glue is great because it is a small brush tip–perfect for touch ups!

Jumprope – Such an easy an portable workout tool and this one was only $3!

Dove Bodywash – I go through beauty products at a lighting pace and I just picked up this Dove bodywash from CVS.  I really like how it makes my skin feel softer and smoother once I step out of the shower.  It’s a gentle exfoliant and creamy against my skin, perfect for summer time.  Plus I love the cucumber scent on my skin for summer!  I discovered a series of videos from CVS called Love Your Skin featuring Yale School of Medicine’s Dr Mona Gohara where she covers a range of topics including why skin heath is important, keeping your skin healthy head to toe, and safe sunless tanning.  Here is a link to the first one but I’ll continue to link new videos as they become available.  Excited to study up and learn her tips on keeping my skin in tip top shape for years to come (Bonus–discount coupon here!).

Morphe Makeup Brushes – These makeup brushes are extremely affordable but also great for blending, blending, blending!  I really like their angled brow brush and pencil brush for smoking out my eyeliner.

what's in my bag

Ways of Change Choker Necklace – I’m a big fan of fashion that gives back (like in these posts here and here) and this Ways of Change choker helps empower refugees to share their crafts with the world and build entrepreneurial skills.  This necklace is a special piece to me and I like to wear it with a simple maxi dress to make it be the conversation piece.  Check out Ways of Change’s story to learn more about their story.

Dog Bones – Ha, I always happen to have a few of these in my bag.  I just ran out of my homemade ones so I need to whip up a batch from my previous post on DIY dog biscuits.

Vaseline Lip Therapy – Another CVS run find!  OMG is this not the cutest little lip balm you’ve ever seen?!?!  This jar is so tiny (mini dog bone for reference) and I’m constantly pulling it out of my bag to show friends.  Besides it being a teeny tiny container, it’s the same Vaseline that deeply moisturizes and protects my lips from drying out in the summer sun.  It’s the perfect size to dab a bit on your finger and smear anywhere that you might need some moisture locked in.  (Bonus–discount coupon here!)

Life Italia sunglasses – I love that these sunglasses are a slight cat eye and a deep shade of red that just looks gorge in the sunshine!

Thanks for taking a peek into my bag–what are the things you carry around day to day?  Do you keep your bag minimal with just the necessities or do you find yourself lugging around all of your purchases like me?


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Dr Mona Gohara
This post created in collaboration with Lunchbox.  All opinions are my own–skin health is important!

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  1. Kathrina wrote:

    I saw in the post that you are in the middle of moving, and traveling soon! Have you heard of Doorman yet? They deliver everything you order online to you when you’re actually home (even big items)! You just schedule it through the app. They also hold things while you are away on vaca, check them out!

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply